The Value of Being Resonant in the Workplace

Read Dr. Rick Workman's business leadership blog on being resonant in the workplace.
Resonance is one of the best qualities you can have as a business leader.

The best leaders in the workplace are always resonant leaders. Resonant leaders are those who are in-tune to the feelings and emotions of their employees. These leaders are capable of cultivating a positive atmosphere and coaxing the most out of their employees by developing trust and honesty with them. During my time in the workplace, I’ve tried – like virtually every leader – to achieve resonance and I’m glad to share a few of the more successful ways I’ve found of doing so.
It’s ‘We,’ Not ‘I’
It’s so simple and easy that you may not even think of it as a meaningful way of accomplishing anything, but as someone with plenty of experience in running a business, referring to your employees as part of your team goes a long way. When you use ‘I,’ your employees look at you like a boss or just another person that they have to compete against. When you use ‘we,’ you get your employees involved and fighting alongside you.
Don’t Punish Honesty
While I just mentioned that saying ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ is a meaningful step in getting you and your employees on the same page, the truth is that you’re still their boss. It’s always going to be hard having everyone fully trusting in you because you’re the person that’s in full control of their job. That’s why if something goes wrong, don’t be surprised if they don’t come to you; they don’t want to risk their livelihood. From as early of a point as you can, show your employees that you value their honesty. Let them understand that honesty is a virtue and by doing so, they’ll be much more likely to let you be privy to failing business aspects that they’d normally be worried about telling you. This will give you an opportunity to fix them and make the company run even more smoothly.
Reward Your Employees
Let your employees realize that you know about everything they do for the company and that you respect their hard work and effort. Depending on the employees and the atmosphere of the company, the reward can vary and be utilized in so many ways. In my career, I’ve felt like I’ve given out nearly every award imaginable: from raises to pizza parties to employee of the month trophies. The one thing that all those rewards have in common though is that they motivate the workers to try harder so that they can be recognized for their work. Let’s be honest – even if the reward is pretty awful, they still just want the appreciation.
These are just a few of the ways I’ve tried to be resonant during my times in the workplace. You may find different ways to achieve resonance. However, you likely won’t be able to achieve success without resonance.

Rick Workman, DMD

Founder, Former CEO and Active Chairman, Heartland Dental

Rick Workman, DMD, graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in 1980. After starting his own practice, he set out to create a world-class dental support organization that would relieve the management burden for dentists by offering them an array of non-clinical administrative support. Today, Heartland Dental is the largest dental support organization in the country. In addition to being the founder of Heartland Dental, he is also the past president of the Association of Dental Support Organizations. To read more about Dr. Rick Workman, click here